6 Bonkers New Sheet Masks You Haven’t Seen Yet

6 Bonkers New Sheet Masks You Haven’t Seen Yet

Calling all sheet-mask addicts: The latest launches go far beyond the standard soaked-cotton ones we’ve all come to know and love. Rest assured, they’re even more effective than their predecessors and have cool new features like ear hooks to keep them from sliding around your face. (Yesssss.) We’ve rounded up our favorites for you to try now.


Given the whole K-beauty philosophy of layering your skin care to get maximum effects, this two-part sheet mask makes perfect sense. The first layer sheathes skin in soothing ingredients like aloe vera; the second one seals in all of the ingredients of the first sheet and adds a few more (namely hyaluronic acid) so you get an extra boost of hydration. Post-mask glow aside, what we really love about this duo is that it comes with nifty little ear hooks to secure the sheets firmly in place.


Whereas the aforementioned mask uses two separate sheets to get your skin nice and glowing, this is a single sheet that features two different textures on the interior and exterior. The inside is made with soft cotton, while the outside is made of foil. Why foil? It generates heat (just like it does for your burrito) to promote a deeper absorption of the ingredients.


Not going to lie, we totally thought this was a pore strip at first. Turns out, it’s a mask to treat tired, puffy under-eyes. With skin-brightening ingredients like vitamin C and fermented honey essence, it certainly does the trick. Not to mention the wingspan covers a much larger surface area than your typical under-eye patches.


Like a sweater for your face, this knit (yes, knit) mask is soaked with even more hydrating ingredients than the standard flimsy sheets. Also, the fit is nice and snug (so it doesn’t slide around) and extends all the way down your neck.


Here’s the thing about charcoal masks: They’re usually really messy and really drying. This is neither—and it’s fun to use. After cleansing, carefully adhere the sucker onto the lower half of your face (where you typically get blackheads and clogged pores). The mask is packed with charcoal powder and purified sparkling water that starts to bubble up (you’ll get a nice froth) once it’s ready to be removed. Massage the extra foam in and rinse off to admire your squeaky clean skin.


If you never really liked the feeling of slapping a sopping wet mask on your face, you’re in luck. This one has all of the ingredients imprinted on so it’s completely dry to the touch (and thus, won’t get in your hairline). Just place it over your face and massage it gently to release the embedded oils and essences onto your skin.