7 Hair Tools You Never Knew You Needed in Your Life

7 Hair Tools You Never Knew You Needed in Your Life

We all have that one friend: No matter where or what your plans are—7 a.m. yoga or 7 p.m. margaritas—her hair looks impeccable. Sure, she insists that it’s long overdue for a wash, but you know it has to be more than that. Instead of pining, get on her level with these seven tools she probably uses that you should definitely start trying.

Volumizing Dryer Brush

This ionic-blow-dryer-and-round-brush-in-one creates those coveted salon-worthy waves with a little less of an arm workout.

Tangle Teezer

What might look like a compact travel brush is actually a miracle-worker that will take stubborn knots and turn them into silky smooth strands.

Ergonomic Diffuser

Curly girls, this one’s for you. Stick this contraption on the head of any standard hair dryer to create bouncy ringlets instead of lifeless frizz.

Professional Curl Machine

Imagine never having to contort your arm to achieve those perfect (meaning: effortless) curls again.

Heated Straightening Brush

If you ever wonder if your flatiron is creating uniform locks, this brush-straightening hybrid is your answer.

Flatiron Comb

Looking for pin-straight locks? Touch things up with this guy.

Automatic Hair Curler

When all-over romantic curls are your M.O., this automatic iron will cut down your work time to five minutes.