8 Things That Will Absolutely Happen When You Get a Puppy

8 Things That Will Absolutely Happen When You Get a Puppy

You’ll Get a Lot of Exercise

Little Fido loves to play more than anything, and when he’s not fast asleep, he’s going a mile a minute. Without even noticing it, you’ll spend your days moving around a lot. Embrace it—your puppy is making you your healthiest self.

You’ll Be Tired (Really, Really Tired)

Your 8-week-old puppy has a bladder the size of a peanut. So guess who’s getting up with him when he wakes up at 3 a.m to relieve himself? Prepare to consume lots of caffeine the first few weeks.

You’ll Probably Cry a Little

Look, Buddy will moan and whimper the first few nights you crate him, and you’ll feel pretty damn awful. Don’t be embarrassed if you shed a few tears, too. Rest assured: He’ll be sleeping through the night in no time.

You Won’t Remember Life Before Your Dog

Because right now is so awesome.

You’ll Get Frustrated…Easily

Your tiny fluff ball is the cutest thing in the world, but he’s also going to poop on the floor and chew up everything you’ve ever loved. Instead of losing your temper, remind yourself he’s a baby that doesn’t know better.

You’ll Spend a Lot of Money

All those vet appointments and trips to the groomer will start to add up. Plus, you’ll probably feel the uncontrollable desire to spoil your puppy rotten. There’s no cashmere sweater or Casper dog bed she doesn’t deserve.

You’ll Start Using Your Baby Voice

You’ll become very familiar with the high-pitched tone and often made-up language you use to talk to your puppy. In fact, you’ll probably start talking to some humans as if they were four-legged animals. Doooo do da da dooo.

You’ll Feel Really Bad About Leaving the House

For the first few weeks (and probably even months), your puppy is going to cry whenever you leave the house, and trust, you’ll feel guilty aboutleaving her. But haven’t you always dreamed of that hermit life? Takeout and Netflix wins.