The Eastern Sierra Visit

The Eastern Sierra Visit

The East side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is home to some of the best hiking in California. Throughout this stretch of the mountain range, hikers pass by pristine alpine lakes, over mountain passes with views of jagged peaks, through wildflower-studded meadows, and along crystal clear rivers and streams. The area is well-known for its 211-mile John Muir Trail that winds its way through stunning Wilderness, but there are also plenty of great day hikes here as well, many that are easily accessed via the small mountain town of Mammoth Lakes. I’ve lived just south of Mammoth for about four years, and these six Mammoth Lakes hikes showcase the best views, lakes, pine forests, and natural beauty of the Eastern Sierra. Pro tip: bring your bathing suit!

When we steer through the roads of Regents, the towering procession of the Sugarloaf Mountain often falls in our view unnoticed. Albeit the unfortunate mudslide that is associated with it, the mountain’s formation is dazzling and its trails offer this abysmal forestry and steep climbs that are both soothing and nerve-wreaking. It is the perfect spot for the serenity seeking-hikers-and-the-cliffhanger-obsessed-adventurers.

The spectacle at the ceiling of Mount Sugarloaf is just wow… It is the most stunning display of nature’s handiwork. The scene is filled with an uninterrupted overlapping of hills and lush greenery. In the countenance of that setting, an hour could easily go by unnoticed for it’s lit with serenity at its best. We stood there, basking in the view, doing all the world poses for the cameras and relaxing while some of those that were left behind catch-up with us. They relate the stories of how others decided to turn back. We all joined together, make good memories of the experience before we descend the mountain. The entire hike took just over an hour or more to do. Going down the mountain seem easy but tricky because of the steep slopes. Before we set out to descend the peak, we advise ourselves to move cautiously. And cautiously we move knowing fully well, at that particular moment, we’ve conquered ourselves

It was on a Saturday morning that we decided to conquer ourselves in the form of the Sugarloaf Mountain. We gathered at the foot of the peak, over a dozen of us, male and female, black and white, young and not so young adults formed this galaxy of hikers. Those who knew each other stood chatting as we prep for the hike. For some of us who had done a far more exhilarating hike such as the Pickett Hill, our perception of Sugarloaf Mountain was nothing short of a quick-sprint-hiking.

From what I could savour from the chitchats, it was apparent that the hiking trip is both an escape and a workout event for some. Such an idea was anticipated, because, these days, there’s so much constant mental stimulation and muscles contraction activities in the bustling demands of the urban lifestyle. It has almost replaced the desire for body-drillings, adventures and mind-relaxing ordeals such the one we’re about to embark on. The hike to the sugar loaf Mountain was the third instalment of the Movember hiking series organized by Visit Sierra Leone .